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  • This is the ideal system for those projects where various types of applications are required. Portable and easy to use with simple changeover of gun and hose packages.

  • Ideal for electrostatic spraying either on site or in a factory environment. Mobile and easy to use.

    Comes complete on mobile trolley with F230 diaphragm pump, 5 litre hopper, compressor, VM500 power pack, GM5000 EACR electrostatic gun, 10m fluid and air hose and R15/2 electrostatic tip.

  • Ideal for those products that are hard to electrostatically charge.

    Low Pressure Gun. Comes with 10m Air/Fluid Hose, Power Cables. No Tip included.
    (To be run with a Double Diaphragm Pump or Pressure Pot)

  • Airless or Aircoat Application.

    Comes with 11m Control Cable and R15/2 Tip. No Air/Fluid Hose included. (To be run with an Airless Machine)